ترازو 150 کیلویی پیام توزین مدل TS150

150 kg Payam Tozin scale, model TS150


150 kg Payam Tozin scale, model TS150

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Key product specifications:

  • Capacity: 150 kg
  • Accuracy: 20 grams
  • pan dimensions: 40×40
  • Column height: 40 cm
  • Device weight: 10 kg
  • With battery and internal charging

150 kg scale of Payam Touzin model TS150 is another production of the domestic and famous Payam Touzin company, which has a high-quality body design and LCD screen. This unique product can weigh up to 150 kg with an accuracy of 20 grams. It also benefits from a 14-month unconditional warranty.

What kind of business is the 150 kg scale of Payam Tozin suitable for?

If you are the owner of a tool shop, fruit shop, and other businesses, etc. If you are or have grocery stores, you will undoubtedly need a suitable digital scale. A scale that has an ideal capacity of one hundred and fifty kilograms and also has a strong body! Payam Touzin recommends the TS150 150 kg scale for such jobs.

If your store is not connected to city electricity or are you a mobile business owner? Don’t worry about this because Payam Tozin’s 150 kg weighing scale is equipped with a powerful battery that can be charged. Therefore, it can meet the needs of its users after being fully charged for up to a week. Therefore, if you are looking for an accurate and reliable scale for your business, the ts150 Payam Touzin is undoubtedly the best.


Body design and TS150 scale display

150 kg Payam Touzin scale TS150 model, which tells you the weight of objects in the most accurate way possible. The display of the weight and price of the product is applied through the LCD screen (designed by Payam Tozin company itself), which has a metal protective cover and a canopy that fits its size. This canopy prevents direct sunlight from hitting the display screen so that the numbers can be read more clearly and attractively. The bottom of this digital scale has special dimensions of 40 x 40, which is very sufficient and appropriate for the volume and size of the products.

The material of the body of the 150 kg Payam Touzin scale or model ts150 is made of metal, which is polished with beautiful orange and black colors, and it will also maintain its durability against possible scratches and bumps (the so-called electrostatic paint). . In addition, this model has a weighing accuracy of up to 20 grams, which you can use for accurate weight measurements.

To buy, consult and receive the updated price of Payam Touzin TS150 150 kg scale, contact the experts of Payam Touzin company.

Product Name:

Payam Tozin scale




150 kg


20 grams

pan dimensions:

40×40 cm

Column height:

40 cm

Screen protector:

has it

Edged pan:


Anti-scratch and electrostatic paint:


quarry stone

has it

Internal charging:

has it

Guard and side protector:

has it

Display type:



14 months


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ترازو 150 کیلویی پیام توزین مدل TS150150 kg Payam Tozin scale, model TS150
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