ترازو 200 کیلویی پیام توزین مدل TS200

200 kg Payam tozin scale model TS200


200 kg Payam tozin scale model TS200

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Key product specifications:

  • Model: TS200
  • Capacity: 200 kg
  • Accuracy: 50 grams
  • pan dimensions: 50×40 cm
  • Column height: 50 cm
  • With battery and internal charging
  • The weight of the scale is 16 kg

This time we are going to introduce the TS200 200 kg Payam tozin scale, which is one of the best-selling digital scale models for use in businesses such as scrap stores, greengrocers, grocery stores, etc. This product, like all products designed by Payam Tozin, has remarkable accuracy and sensitivity.

200 kg scale TS200 payam tozin and mobile businesses!

You can use this portable scale in various stores such as grocery stores, supermarkets, warehouses, tool stores, and most importantly mobile businesses. Also, the internal high-power battery has the ability to maintain a charge for up to a week without interruption, after which you can recharge it again through a special charger.

The most important feature of this scale is the ability to bear 200 kg weight with a sensitivity of 50 grams. The measurement accuracy of this scale is such that it allows the user to quarry stone in order to measure the net weight. The attractiveness of this product will not end only with the mentioned items, but the presence of guard and side protection for supporting the product is one of the most important features of this digital scale. Also, thanks to the special design of this two hundred kilo digital scale, the user will be able to carry and move it in any situation.

Design of the body and display of the 200 kg Payam Tozin digital scale

The display used for this product is a three-row LCD that shows the weight, unit price and total price. which displays each row up to 5 characters well, in addition, a stainless metal chamber is used to protect the scale monitor. It should be noted that using LCD screens for reading under the sun is much more suitable than LED screens. Adhering to the standard in the construction of the skeleton and chassis of the 200 kg weighing scale, as well as the use of electrostatic anti-scratch paint, is one of the reasons for encouraging customers to buy this product.

The 200 kg scale of Payam Tozin, like the 150 kg scale of Payam Tozin, benefits from the extraordinary weighing accuracy, which is used for industrial and store applications. You can buy this product at a reasonable price and with a valid and unconditional guarantee from the sales and installation agencies of Payam Tozin digital scales all over the country.

To buy, advise and get the updated price of 200 kg Payam Touzin TS200 scale, contact the experts of Payam Touzin company.

Product Name:

Payam Tozin scale




200 kg


50 grams

pan dimensions:

40 x 50 cm

Column height:

50 cm

Screen protector:

has it

Edged pan:

has it

Anti-scratch and electrostatic paint:


quarry stone

has it

Internal charging:

has it

Guard and side protector:

has it

Display type:



14 months


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ترازو 200 کیلویی پیام توزین مدل TS200200 kg Payam tozin scale model TS200
۵,۶۰۰,۰۰۰ تومان
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