ترازو 300 کیلویی تاشو پیام توزین مدل TM300 مارال

300 kg flexible scale Payam Tozin model TM300 Maral


300 kg flexible scale Payam Tozin model TM300 Maral

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Key product specifications:

  • 300 kg capacity
  • Accuracy 50 grams
  • The dimensions of the pan are 50 x 40 cm
  • The height of the column is 70 cm
  • flexible
  • Device weight: 14.6 kg

Here, we are going to introduce the specifications of the 300 kg folding scale Payam Tozin model TM300 Maral. The manufacturer of this digital scale, Payam Tozin, is one of the top manufacturers of digital scales in the west of the country, and all its products are highly accurate and reliable.

TM300 payam tozin, the best flexible digital scale

The measuring scale of this model is up to 300 kg and with its high performance and accuracy, it provides the user with a very quick and easy weighing operation. All these results are easily visible on the LCD with green backlight and large and easy-to-read digits. The 300 kg Payam Tozin model TM300 Maral scale, unlike the 200 kg Payam Touzin scale TS200 which has a fixed column, is foldable and its folding feature makes it easy and convenient to carry! And this means that the user with this feature can easily collect the scale and carry it anywhere.

Another important feature of this 300 kg digital scale model is to be equipped with a long column with a height of 70 cm to support goods. This model of 300 kilo Payam Tozin scales has a very strong and standard frame and chassis.

Maral TM300 portable scale charging capability

It is worth mentioning that the display screen of this scale uses a special and durable cabin, which is also equipped with a canopy to provide ease of reading the figures and numbers inside the display even under strong sunlight. Maral’s 300 kg payam tozin scale has an internal rechargeable battery, so it can be used in places where there is no power outlet or when you face a sudden power outage. It should be noted that this battery has the capacity to work continuously for a week. The possibility of tare to calculate the net weight is another unique feature of this portable scale.

To buy, advise and get the updated price of the 300 kg folding scale of Payam Touzin model TM300 Maral, contact the experts of Payam Tozin company.

Product Name:

Payam Tozin scale


TM300 ‌Maral


300 kg


50 grams

pan dimensions:

50 × 40 cm

Column height:

70 cm

Screen protector:

has it

Edged pan:


Anti-scratch and electrostatic paint:



has it

Internal charging:

has it

Guard and side protector:

does not have

Display type:





14 months


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ترازو 300 کیلویی تاشو پیام توزین مدل TM300 مارال300 kg flexible scale Payam Tozin model TM300 Maral
۵,۲۵۰,۰۰۰ تومان
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