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Payam Tozin Mokeryan Scales Company under the management of Mr. Soran Payami started its activity in 2005 and reached full operation in 2008, relying on experienced manpower and having advanced equipment for the first time in Iran. It has produced all kinds of digital scales suitable for mobile business.

This company is proud to be one of the servants of this field along with the big players of this industry and to have a great contribution in improving the quality of products and meeting the real needs of consumers.

It should be noted that Mrs. Sohila Maqsoudi is the wife of Mr. Soran Payami and a long-time friend of Payam Tozin, one of the shareholders and also the deputy manager of Payam Tozin.

Weighing message scale

From the beginning of production, digital weighing scales have been able to attract the majority of customers and users in the market because all its products have positive characteristics and are durable, sensitive and compatible with the daily needs of buyers. It can be said that the reasonable and cheap price of Payam Tozin’s mobile digital weighing scale is compared to its great performance, which has high sales compared to other brands in the market.

All products of Payam Tozin Mokeryan are made of two colors, orange and black, which are covered with anti-electrostatic scratch paint.

Each digital weighing scale has a unique model that starts with TS and ends with its weight. If we want to categorize Payam Tozin’s industrial scales regardless of the model, we must say that some of them have fixed scales and another group have folding scales that provide easy carrying for the user.

Currently, the buying and selling of Payam Tozin digital scales in the market is amazing and all of these are thanks to the satisfied buyers of these products. Because we know that users always welcome a product that has the best production indicators together. Quantitative and qualitative indicators in the construction, which will keep the buyer satisfied with what he buys. Buying Payam Tozin scale also has all quantitative and qualitative indicators.

It is necessary to know that the trust of Payam Tozin’s buyers and loyal customers is due to the quality of the product and also its unconditional after-sales service.

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